Okazu Bag terms of use

Okazu Bag is an application run by Okazu Bag Administrator and is not related to GREE, DMM.com, Ameba, Mobage, Vpreca, LINE, PlayStation, Nintendo, Rakuten, Xbox, Amazon.com Inc., Google Inc., Apple Inc. And Apple Japan Inc.
By using this app, you have agreed to this contract.
When a user installs the app and starts it, a contract based on this agreement is established.
When the user is a minor, parental guidance and presence during use is advised.
Please read the following "privacy policy" and "FAQ" carefully to understand and agree to them.

[Article 1 (Definition)]

Terms used in this agreement are defined as follows:

“This page”
Okazu bag home page

“This agreement”
Okazu bag terms of use

“This administrator”
Okazu bag administrator

“This app”
User-participating image video post app Okazu bag managed by this administrator

Clients who download the app onto their devices and use it

It is a string to classify each user, Hashed Mobile UUID.

"Personal Identification Number"
The Register string for use at the time of the change model.

[Article 2 (assignment of copyright rights)]

Clause 1 (the application)
The copyrights of this application(text, images, programs, etc) belong to the authority or other parties who were granted by the authority license to make use of them.

This application shall not be duplicated, changed nor adapted.
Not only the foregoing, without prior written permission by the administration, copyrighted work shall not be used beyond admitted by the Copyright Law.

Clause 2 (Contents)
The administration takes no responsibility or whatsoever for those contents (including but not limited to voices, sounds, images or videos) posted using the application. Users shall only post contents which copyright is belonging to the user, or which are granted for use by their copyright owner.

[Article 3 (Change of Agreement)]

Clause 1 (About revision)
The administration shall revise the agreement at anytime.

Clause 2 (Notice)
The administration shall notify the revision of the agreement to users via the application or this page when revising the agreement.

Clause 3 (agreement)
Based on the previous clause, upon revision of the agreement, unless user withdraw the membership, or unless uninstall the application, or use of the application, the user is deemed agreement on the revised agreement.
Withdrawal of membership is deemed agreement of abandonment of its estate and any rights.

Clause 4 (Claim)
Upon the agreement takes effect as defined in a prior section, user shall not make claim of unknown or nonacceptance of the agreement.

[Article 4 (Duty of care of a good manager)]

Clause 1 (Immunity)
(1) The administration shall take no responsibility or whatsoever for an accident, a feeling of unwellness, damage or out of use of user's devices, by use of the application.
(2) The application is provided AS-IS and no guarantee for free of troubles, defects or any other issues that may interrupt the service.
(3) For interruption of the service, the administration shall take no responsibility for users nor any third party.
If a trouble happens, there is no guarantee for recovery, or removal of bad factors including virus or others.
The administration shall be free to stop, change (design and system etc), suspension or termination of the service at anytime without notice to users, and shall take no responsibility or whatsoever.
(4)The administration shall take no responsibility or whatsoever on any damage (regardless of direct or indirect) caused by use of the application or by unavailability of the application.
(5)The administration shall not guarantee on any consequence of advises it makes.

Clause 2 (Defect)
The administration shall not take any responsibility or whatsoever, for any damage caused by any defect of the application or repair.
The administration shall not take any responsibility for repairing defects of the application.
Regarding repair of a defect, user shall be deemed agreement on a plan by the administration.

Clause 3 (Banner and Reward Ad)
Communications between an user and an advertisement sponsor on this application shall be under the responsibility of such user and sponsor.
The administration shall take no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by advertisements, or any damaged or loss caused by the positing of advertisements themselves.

[Article 5 (Prohibited Items)]

For the use of the application, a user shall upload or download contents in accordance to the agreement.
Should a user upload or download contents in violation of the agreement or if such possibility, the administration, at its sole discretion, hide or remove the uploaded contents, force uploader's application non-useable or force uploader withdrawn from the membership.
The administration shall take no responsibility on any damage cased under such situation.

Clause 1. (Content contribution)
The contributors are prohibited from contributing the followings.
(1)The contents that the Administration Bureau judges as would or may affirm, solicit for, or promote the crimes of such as illegal drug, illegal weapon including firearms and handguns, production of explosives, sexual intercourse for money, offering of child pornos, official document forgery, murder, bodily injury, fraud, and theft.
(2)The publication of excessively cruel or violent content, videos, or images (including illustrations and pictures).
(3)The publication of such expressions or contents which are understood to be inappropriate under normal social conventions or feared to be interpreted so.
(4)The publication of contents that include obscene images or videos (including illustrations and pictures).
(5) Action to use and post production (character, picture, illustration, and others) that has no right without permission.
(6) Action to disrupt communication intentionally and carry out illegally during downloading the contents as well as action to consume, avoid, obstruct and carry out illegally when downloading the contents that requires the key.
(7) Action to violate a law as well as action and content that competent authority determines to be inappropriate.

Clause 2. (Quantity of communication)
When users upload or download content with a large quantity of communication that may become nuisance to other users, the Administration Bureau may delete the content, force the user to stop the use, or force the withdrawal.
The Administration Bureau shall not take the responsibility at all as to such deletion of content, stop of use, or withdrawal.

[Article 6. (Privacy policy)]

The privacy policies of the Administration Bureau are as follows.

Clause 1: Individual Information
The authority shall put top priority on respecting the privacy of users. It does not obtain information, which specifies an individual, when using this application of user.

Clause 2: Information of Statistics
The authority shall obtain data by statistics of whole aspects of users. We shall use this information solely for the statistics for surveying taste of the users, etc.
The users shall agree to obtaining the information of the data.

Clause 3. (E-mail address)
The e-mail addresses of those e-mails sent in relation to user support and point exchange shall be used only for the e-mail transmission to the users including for the notice based upon this agreement.

Clause 4. (Mobile information)
This application acquires mobile information to be used for UUID and push communication to relate the Administration Bureau server information (points, keys etc.) to the users.
The UUID shall store the character strings that are treated with hash processing in the database and shall not store the UUID itself.

[Article 7. (Users' properties) ]

The users' properties shall refer to the following.

Clause 1.
Among the users' properties, the keys and the points shall be saved in the Administration Bureau server.
Besides, the user UIDs and the passwords shall be stored at the user's risk.

As for the disappearance of the keys and the points due to the UID information change (reinstallation of OS, update, model change etc.) by the users and the loss of them, the Administration Bureau shall not assume any responsibility at all.

Clause 2.
Among users' properties, the downloaded images, sounds, videos shall be saved only in users' devices.
You are advised to store and manage the downloaded contents at your own risk.
The users understand and agree that the contents cannot be viewed at times depending on the model, the format, and the size.
As for the deletion, the loss, and the impossibility of browsing, the Administration Bureau shall not assume any responsibility at all.

Likewise, no guarantee shall be made for the consumption of the keys in the case that users cannot get downloading contents due to the machine disorder, the aggravation of electric wave state, or the cancellation, the stop of application, or the reboot of machine by the users during the downloading of the contents that need keys.

[Article 8. (Keys, points)]

The keys and the points are set as items of the application.
As for the specifications and the price of the items, the users shall be able to change the specifications of the items according to the specifications changes of the application.

The user shall make no demur at the item specifications changes.

The users understands and agree that the keys and the points are not shown immediately on the application screen.
When the server information differs from that on the application screen, the users understand and agree that server information is the right one.
The users shall not make any demur at the difference between the server information and that shown on the application screen.
The points to be given as the prizes are not connected with the grants such as GREE, DMM.com, Ameba, Mobage, Vpreca, LINE, PlayStation, Nintendo, Rakuten, Xbox, Amazon.com Inc., Google Inc., Apple Inc. And Apple Japan Inc.'s at all.

Clause 1. (Keys)
The item called the key is set to download the locked content.
As for the rate of the key, it shall change by specifications, economic condition, exchange rate, to which the users shall not advocate an objection.
When users obtain a key by dishonest means, the key and their right to receive the key becomes invalid and lapse.
In such case, the key is deducted even after the grant.

Clause 2. (Points)
When users download the content uploaded with Key by other users during the period that requires Key, points are provided to the user uploading the content at a predetermined rate by our administration.
Amount of points given and the rate of exchange will change according to campaigns, specifications, economic conditions, foreign exchange rates and other reasons. Users are not allowed to challenge those changes.
When Illicit Keys are used and points are provided, those points and the right to received the points are invalid.

In case of receiving points illegally, the points and the right of receiving points are invalid.
In this case, even if the points have already been received, the points are deducted.

Clause 3. (reward)
Users can receive points by using the reward of this application.
Amount of grant and exchange rate are subject to change depending on campaign, means, economic conditions and exchange rate, and users are subject to not to object to changes.

In the case of receiving points illegally, the points and the right of receiving points are invalid.
In this case the points are deducted, even after having received.

Clause 4. (key exchange)
Users can change your key for points.
Amount of grant and exchange rate change depending on campaign, means, economic conditions and exchange rates, and users are subject to not object any changes.

When the users apply for or have made the exchange of the points that they obtained by unjust use of the points or the keys with the gift cards, the gift cards and the right to receive them become invalid and lapse.
In that case, the users agree to return and have them destructed even after the grant.

[Article 9. (Notice delivery by E-mail and push communication) ]

The Administration Bureau shall be able to deliver information that they judge it proper to deliver by e-mail or push communication.
The users agree that there may be instances where not all the e-mails and the push communication can be delivered.

The Administration Bureau does not assume any responsibility as to the e-mail or the push communication not reaching the users.

Article 10. (Enrollment)

The enrollment is established when the user have installed the application and the user information was registered in the Administration Bureau server.
It is established when the user has completed usage registration in this page.

[Article 11. (Withdrawal) ]

The withdrawal is established when the user have uninstalled this application, informed that he/she is resigning via inquiry, and the Administration Bureau has finished withdrawal processing.
The Administration Bureau will proceed with that withdrawal process immediately and reply with the confirmation.
The users can file it on this page, too.
Besides, we will delete all the information of the withdrawing person from the Administration Bureau server.
But only there can be instances where we are not able to reply when the user's e-mail addresses are unknown.
Upon withdrawal, the users agree to waive his/her properties and rights in the application.
As for the damage due to the withdrawal, the Administration Bureau shall not assume any responsibility.

[Article 12. (Negotiable rights and obligations)]

The users are prohibited from transferring, taking over, pledging and disposing all the rights and obligations based on this agreement to a third person without prior written authorization of the controlling authority.

[Article 13. (Change And Suspension of Service)]

The controlling authority may change or suspend service of this application without agreement of user.
The users arenot allowed to make an objection in respect with the change and suspension of the service.
The controlling authority shall not be responsible for what happens as a result of changing and suspending the service.

It must be agreed that the assets and rights in this application are waivered when the service is suspended.

[Article 14. (Validity Of This Agreement)]

In case where part of the stipulation herein is determined to be invalid subject to the regulation, other stipulation herein shall be valid.
If part of the stipulation herein becomes invalid or cancelled in respect with a user, this agreement remains to be valid in respect with other users.

[Article 15 (Information disclosure to official authorities)]

The Administration Bureau discloses information to the authorities when there comes the order from the court, or "the investigation relative inquiry" from the police.
The user shall not raise objections to such information disclosure by the Administration Bureau.

[Article 16. (Governing law and jurisdiction) ]

This agreement shall be interpreted under Japanese law.
When the need for lawsuit arises regarding this agreement, Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.

terms of use was established on May 31,2015

Okazu Bag administrator